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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Focus on Influence

I attended training on "focus on Influence" by NICO. I had great time with him, hope he too. We all assembled at Golden Palm and were there for four days. A very exhaustive training, covering all aspect of influence we create around ourselves.

Golden Palm is very good resort for enjoyment and fun provided someone else pays for you (My organization paid for me). Training schedule was very hectic, I sneaked time from training to go around in Golden Palm. Met with Bob Christo (Bollywood villain), had great time with him.

Nico's Introduction: He is Dutch, he lived in Canada and presently staying in Netherlands. He is amazing personality.

Training Day 1: I set my objective for the training to Nico. First exercise and changed my objective, I found many defects inside me.

Training Day 2: My objectives were following proverb "Change is permanent".

Training Day 3: paradigm shift and found my problem and new set of objectives.

Training Day 4: Fun and Fun and going back from training.

Driving back: I had opportunity and honor to be with Nico while driving back. Thanks to Bangalore traffic for giving me more time. One statement he said about cultural difference: In Europe, people after training goes to bar for discussion, in India people after training disappears.

Lot to write about the training, but it will be better to attend training.

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