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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Is this Amsterdam City?

Amsterdam the capital of The Netherland, a beautiful place to visit and live. I travel to Netherland (To Eindhoven) quite often and it will continue in future too, till I am in present organization which has headquarter in Eindhoven. I never like this place much before 2rd March 2007. I was travelling back from my office after passing start milestone for my Project to Hotel BestWestern and to pack back for India. Many things to share with my family and office people about the work done.
I bought railway ticket from Eindhoven for Amsterdam Airport and my hotel at Amsterdam was booked by my travel guys (cool dudes). I got into the train and selected good aisle seat, immediately I was in flashback what has been done throughout week and what next to be done in office. And time passed so quickly that I see Amsterdam approaching, suddenly one guy pushing me went ahead, I re-aligned myself and found another guy pushing me went ahead again. Started wondering whether I am blocking the pathway and find third guy snatching my Laptop bag forcibly from and ran towards train door. By the time I realize that guy crossed the two guys who went just ahead pushing me. I got up and shouted "Hey give my laptop" and ran behind guy. Not realising that two guys who just rubbed me were also involved with the snatcher and they blocked my way by walking slow and asking me "Is this Amsterdam City" in Moroccan ascent. I found train started and I am left with nothing. My wallet, passport, cash and credit cards all were inside the same bag.
Wondering to do what? Called my manager in India and he called many guys in Eindhoven office and help poured.
Penniless person standing in Amsterdam with no identity to proof. Fortunately I had my cell phone to call and get help. Being next days Saturday and Sunday, Indian embassy closed. I have to wait for Monday to come.
The question was ringing all the time in mind "Is this Amsterdam city?", it was too difficult to forget.
Day#1 and Day #2: Went to Amsterdam Central, roamed around almost all streets, I found everyone in joyous mood other than me. Ate at Mauj Falefal, very good for vegetarian people, I too enjoyed.
Day#3: Went to The Hague, Indian embassy, applied for duplicate passport. People at embassy were very supportive and they consoled me that these things are very common in Netherland and must not worry much and I too found many people from India waiting for the duplicate passport.
I got my passport, joy no bound!. Again my travel guys (Cool dudes) arranged ticket immediately next day. I got in flight, to my surprise My EX-CEO (Dr. Bob Hoekstra) was in the same flight and a seat ahead to mine, I said Hello Bob!, he responded very well, but since this was first one to one with Bob, I introduce myself to him. I changed my seat immediately next to him and I did so easily because flight was not much crowded. We chatted on many topics on society, culture, Bangalore traffic and Indian government and this was almost for five to six hours.
I reached India safely, said bye to Bob and got his visiting card for further contact and he too promised he will keep me updated about his future endeavors.
At last my family is excited to see me.