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Friday, October 07, 2011

Illustration of Karma in Ramayana

In Ramayana there is an illustration when Sea Bridge was ready for crossing, Jambwan approached Lord Rama and humbly said “My Lord”, the bridge is ready, but he figured out that there is problem and he timidly says that bridge is narrow and we have huge army to cross, it will take many days to reach Lanka. To this lord grinned and got up to see the bridge. Lord proceeds toward the shore and reaches on the bridge and Jambwan followed him along with few others. All living creatures living inside sea came on the surface of sea to see lord. Every creature was stunned and there was absolute no movement, without batting their eyelids they were watching Lord. Whole world has come to stand still. There was no movement in sea water, no waves, no sound and every creature crowded whole sea as if there was no water, only bedazzled and frozen creatures. Admiring the beauty of Lord, oh my god what a surreal scene would have been.

Smilingly Lord said breaking the silence, friends there is bridge everywhere and what are you waiting for, go and cross the sea. The army of monkeys were scared and pleaded to Lord that your bridge is full of risk. One of monkey exclaims that if we keep feet on these creatures it should not happen that we sink in the sea. It is very paradoxical that we trust things created by us, we feel them more strong and durable and we are skeptical in god owns creation. Every monkey has doubt in their minds when and where they may fall in sea.

Lord Ram is omniscient, he understood his disciples’ dilemma and he asked them to verify the bridge created by all living creatures whether it is stable or not. All volunteers came forward some threw stones, trees, jumped on it and what not, verified it several times made sure that their life is not in jeopardy. Whole army passed on it. Some used the stone bridge, some used bridge created by creatures and some preferred to fly. Intelligent beings chose to fly; those who had devotion chose the bridge created by creatures and those who believed in karma/action used bridge made up of stones. Finally army reached using all these three modes.

Bewildered Jambwan could not stop himself asking question to lord. Dear lord, said Jambwan, when it was so easy to make bridge then why we did so much hard work to build it? Jambwan, said Lord, you are absolutely right about this. If stone bridge would have not been made then where would I have stood. My blessing was only possible when you have initiated and put in your effort to do something, said Lord.


If we do put our effort in performing any task, our effort gives opportunity for god to come and help us in achieving higher goals.

Disclaimer: I have tried to translate a part of a Book written by Acharya Sri Ramkinkar Upadhyayji, Manas Manthan - I. He has exemplified unprecedented knowledge and description of Ramcharitra Manas. I have read "Manas Manthan -I" many times still immense desire to read it again and again. I will say thanks to Sri Praveen Tiwari who gave me direction and introduced Sri Ramkinkarji through this book. Please feel free to give suggestion and feedback, my whole purpose is to encourage you to read actual book and derive your own meanings and find god in yourself.

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