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Sunday, October 28, 2012

You give me your blood and I will give you Independence

Dear Readers,

Indian newspaper and TV news channels are flooded with scam. There is race among political parties to proof that they are ahead of others. They are not sure what they are being ahead of others, but they are ahead. Whether it is Party led by mother-in-law or led by old orthodox every one is same when it comes for corruption. Some are protecting their near and dear and some are protecting their party members. More the corrupt you are more you will be rewarded and protected has become reality. 

You may have observed some people saying that this winter is more chiller than previous one, this summer is more hot that previous one. Same way this corruption is more in value than any previous one. More frustrating is that whom you will complain, government is their, they hold the power, they are the protector and they have power to punish. Then in year 2011, 5th April, it reminded me of

Whenever there is decay of righteousness and rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself! - Srimad Bhagavad Gita 4.7

I always wondered and asked to myself  Oh! Lord, it is true, agreed, you will descend, but tell us how will we know that you have descended on this earth. How you will look like. Whether you will come from sky sitting on special space vehicle or you will be like us born in any shepherd family.

Kisan Baburao Hazare, aka Anna Hazare sat on indefinite hunger strike for we people. I am not sure whether we people deserve his dedication for us. Before starting my own venture I worked in USA, Cedar Rapids, IA, while chatting with my ex-colleagues, topic came of whether there is something God. It was very debating discussion and one of the colleague very highly qualified so called with many paper certificate, an educated, uttered a word with action that "here is the pen on the table" if there is anything called God this pen will move by itself". I forcibly quit from the discussion not because that I was incapable of explaining him but realize it has no point to explain him. We are so much driven by sense perception world that we have lost the difference between trick and reality. We believe in advertisement but not in God. We will forget Anna's sacrifice immediately after seeing big sale advertisement in Big Bazaar. We are so much engrossed in fighting our day to day battles like inflation, job security, child's education, medical expenses and so on, that we cannot focus for fundamental fight of existence. We do not have internal peace, we are racing with others and against time. We have lost the meaning of being wealthy, we just want to be rich by money. We do not care for our family, our friend, our neighbor, our kids, grand kids.

Future Generation!, they will exist under independent India is a question. I am afraid, if we do not take action against this rising corruption. Even great grand children of our most corrupt politician will not be spared they will be born slave and they will repent and may disown their own ancestors. Even yours and mine great grand children will disown us. Are you not worried?
Let us participate and support people who are fighting for good cause whole heartily, or at least not pull them down. When our countries Son-In-law was cornered against illegal favor and corruption by media. Every politician supported it whether from mother-in-law party, fodder-scam party or orthodox party and many others even I don't know their names and don't want to give them unnecessary publicity. On the contrary when some good guy are fighting for good cause everyone wants to divide the share and wants mouthful glory on their name and wants place in history. United good people is paradoxical. Good people cannot be united, because before them comes their ego of greatness, their ego of being honest, their ego of being pure, how they can be united. Have you anytime imagined what four great intellectuals will be discussing when they meet, of course they will exhibit their greatness, if anyone is not exhibiting then he may be planning how to pull down other three. On the other hand imagine what four bad guys will do, no one wants to talk about how great they are in their profession, they all will be humble and wouldn't mind other guy leading them. Because all their works are done in darkness in hideout not in public. But I would like to draw attention being bad they are extremely honest, honesty takes them to higher state. They honestly divide their share, they honestly support when others are in need. Supremacy among bad guys is seen by how much support you provide others to grow in their domain. I am not saying that there is no dishonesty among them, there are cases, to which other group give sever punishment so that others do not repeat it.

In the group of good people everyone is waiting for others to do mistake and it will be their opportunity to proof their greatness. India never lacked good people, that is why India has suffered maximum. A country always being "Ram Bharose".

---- continued in next Sunday publish.